Debbie was invited to California in 2005 to tape a segment of "Simply Quilts" for the HGTV cable network. She demonstrated cutting and sewing the Shining Star Quilt on the HGTV cable network's show, Simply Quilts, episode QLT-1112. You can watch the show on February 15, 2008, at 8:00 a.m.

Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson

"Alex was the perfect hostess!"


We hope you will watch the show on Febuary 15th
and want to make your own Shining Star Quilt!

Simply Quilt Shining Star Quilt!


To view Debbie's episode of Simply Quilts online:

Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:
Type "Shining Star" into the video search box

Step 3:
Select "Innovative Shining Star Quilt" from the search results under video titles.

HGTV Simply Quilts Episode

Behind the Scenes with Simply Quilts:


    "I had my own dressing room!"
    Dressing Room

    "We had a short rehearsal."

    "A make-up artist ensured I
    would look my best on TV."

    "It was so exciting to see my
    quilts decorating the stage!"
    Evening Star Quilt

    "We're almost ready to walk
    through the door…"
    Back Stage